Anónimo is an anonymous art auction where the concealment of authorship remains until the piece is acquired by the highest bidder. A muti-destination initiative whose main purpose is to encourage the purchase of art as a process free of preconceived ideas, motivated only by the connection that an anonymous piece can generate.

The experiment.

Anónimo has been searching for ways to materialize the concept of revaluation of the work of art by its face value vs. its economic value. Through its multi-city anonymous art auctions, Anónimo has created a scenario where the public has successfully achieved independent conversations with each piece, free from preconceived ideas about the author´s career, gallery representation or market value. By eliminating the details of the authorship, the public has effectively experienced an anonymous purchase based only on a personal and emotional appreciation to each work of art.

Social responsability.

Anónimo has a firm commitment to continue to raise funds for social and cultural causes that create real impact in today’s society. ANÓNIMO has raised over six editions $890,000 USD that have supported various social and cultural causes such as:

Hogar Cabañas
Art Nexus Foundation
Programa ECOS
The Bass Museum
Faena Art
Blue Lab Preservation Foundation
Boys and Girls Club de Puerto Rico
Fundación Olga y Rufino Tamayo
The efforts of Don Remigio Mestas to preserve the Textile tradition in Oaxaca