After five successful editions in Miami and CDMX, Anónimo once again searches for ways to continue its expansive experiment as it adventures into new and uncharted territories. The next stop in the Anónimo map is what we consider the soul of Mexico – Oaxaca.
Oaxaca, filled with its unique colors, textures, tastes and smells, is what inspires us to give birth to Anónimo´s first thematic edition – Textile.
The textile craftsmanship is one of the most millenary traditions in Mexico that has shaped the lives of generations of men and women in Oaxaca. Anónimo carries the mission of creating awareness on the quality and sophistication that local textile producers can offer, by creating a special edition that will curate twenty local, national and international artists. These artists will produce or select a unique textile work that will be auctioned anonymously this coming March 7th 2019.
The funds collected through this auction will benefit the salvaging efforts of the textile sacred knowledge and tradition in Oaxaca, as well as the reconstruction of homes damaged in the latest 2017 earthquakes.

Volume 6
La Calera