As the Anónimo platform expands in to new destinations and forms of artistic expression, a variety of special editions are being envisioned and purposely curated to respond to their geographic and environmental context. Giving birth to a collective of site-specific editions that can evolve out of the art auction rule book and explore new and fresh ways to appreciate and approach the daring complexities of today´s art world.
In collaboration with Design Hotels and Further, Anónimo presents a Marfa site specific edition of solo show commissioned project rooms with interactive art, site-specific installations and exhibitions that respond to the West Texas town artistic, geographic, and environmental context.
Having the vast desert as framework, the Marfa Project Rooms edition is a multi-dimensional space that takes over the Basic Hotel showcasing six different artistic expressions that celebrate contemporary interpretations of Prime Elements and Prime Matter: CHARCOAL, WOOD, TEXTILE, LIGHT, SOUND, CHROMA.
The selected anonymous artists take over each room and offer the public an immersive experience around their own contemporary views, explorations, and interpretations of each category that unravel in three main sections: installation, body of work, and interactive art experience.
To honor Marfa´s close relationship with the Mexican border, all works in this exhibition are produced in Mexico by Mexican artist or artists living or producing art in Mexico.
The funds collected through these art sales will support The Marfa Education Foundation, The International Presidio and Las Americas – an El Paso immigration Legal Aid, focusing on family separations and civil rights on deportations.

Volume 1
The Basic