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Blind Art Auction

Desert X is a site-specific, contemporary art Biennial in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. The exhibition is meant to bring attention to the valley's environment through the display of works by contemporary artists. Themes include climate change, immigration, tourism, gambling, and Native American culture.

Anónimo will partner with Desert X to create a special one of a kind edition of Mexican Contemporary artists. The Anónimo Desert X edition will auction “blind – promise” pieces by a Mexican artist selected by the curating Desert X team. The selected Mexican contemporary artists will be invited to produce a piece based on the curatorial conversations with Neville Wakefield, Desert X artistic director. The promise pieces should reflect the artist´s proposal/essay for a Desert X installation in whatever technique the artist choses. The Anónimo promise piece auction will reveal only the name of the artist, in this case the unveiling of the works will take place in a year’s time, at the Palm Springs Museum during the 2021 Desert X opening.

The Anónimo Desert X Edition will put forth the exact opposite of what Anónimo has been experimenting with – a BLIND edition where the information of the artist is readily available, yet not the pieces auctioned that night.

A video mapping installation projecting an animated selection of the artists iconic pieces and career milestones will be installed for guests to enjoy and research on. However, the twenty lots for sale will be non-existent promise pieces that the artist will produce based on his/her Desert X proposal for an installation, and delivered to the buyer after the 3rd edition of the Biennial opening in 2021.

The funds collected through the auction will support the production of two to three site specific Desert X installations by Mexican contemporary artists, opening in February 2021.

Desert X

PO BOX 4050
Palm Springs, CA
92263, Estados Unidos.